Leave the oil and heavy ingredients at the door. We've got the best BB Cream for oily or dry skin. Whether you're going for a fresh and dewy look, or a smooth matte finish, we have the BB for you. 8-in-1 benefits ensure you're going to have a good skin day, every day.

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BB Cream : Bye Bye Blemishes

Exfoliate or apply facemasks regularly, your bare skin will most likely never have that completely flawless look. But with our best BB cream, eliminate the appearance of skin imperfections and even out your skin tone with one easy application. Whether you are trying to achieve a fresh dewy look or a smooth finish, Maybelline’s BB cream, will do more for your skin than some of the best tinted moisturizers. All the added benefits found in our BB cream will make you look like you are wearing the some of best foundation. Elevate your overall look with Maybelline’s full coverage concealer and foundation for flawless and radiant skin.

What is BB Cream

BB cream, also known as blemish balm, is the perfect foundation designed to provide a light coverage with a special formula that includes both moisturizer and sunscreen.

BB cream is usually used as an alternative to foundation, especially for everyday use for a lighter finish.

Besides protecting you from the sun and moisturizing your skin, a BB cream's benefits go beyond just that. They are designed to treat blemishes and sun spots, as well as having anti-aging and soothing effects. 

Maybelline's best drugstore BB cream will not only eliminate the appearance of skin imperfections, but it will also even out your skin tone with one easy application. This BB cream foundation offers 8 benefits in 1 by blurring, enhancing, brightening and complementing the skin tone, as well as smoothing, hydrating and refreshing the skin without any oils or heavy ingredients.

DREAM FRESH BB® will give your skin that perfect dewy finish, making it the best BB cream for dry skin and even the best BB cream for oily skin, without no added oils in the formula.

Add Maybelline New York's BB cream to your daily routine for a more luminous and beautiful skin. Simply apply a thin layer onto the skin after your moisturizer with a brush or with your fingers and set with some powder for more of a matte finish.

If you want to keep it natural, just apply some mascara and a nude lip colour for the finishing touches.

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