Discover the wow of brow. Sparse, meet full and defined. Shapeless, meet shaped and perfected. Unruly, meet tamed & sculpted. Brows, Meet Maybelline: The Gamechanger. Up your brow game and show off your #MNYBrows.


Easily tame, shape, color and fill in eyebrows with mascara for a natural look!


Foolproof brow fill! Our 1st eyebrow pen for lasting impact. Long-lasting formula delivers up to 24 hour wear that is smudge-proof and transfer-proof.



All about the bold? Watch how to get up to 3 days of definition with NEW Tattoo Brow Peel Off Tint.





Why it's right for you

Get smoother, fuller brows with Eyestudio? Define + Fill Duo.

Why it's right for you

Shape flawless brows and level the playing field with Brow Precise? Shaping Pencil.

Why it's right for you

Tame brows behaving badly with the wave of a wand. Brow Drama? Sculpting Brow Mascara, that is.

Why it's right for you

Barely-there brows? Give them effortless definition and colour with Tattoo Brow Peel Off Tint.


If your brows are on point, your life is on point. Find solutions for your every concern.
  • Brow
    • All
    • Benefit
      • Blendable
      • Defining
      • Filling
      • Long Wearing
      • Mattifying
      • Sculpting
      • Setting
      • Shaping
      • Smudge Proof
      • Waterproof
    • Brand
      • Brow Drama®
      • Define-A-Brow®
      • Eyestudio®
    • Finish
      • Matte
      • Natural
    • Form
      • Foam
      • Gel
      • Liquid
      • Loose Powder
      • Pencil
      • Pomade
      • Powder
      • Stick

Perfect your Eyebrow Game

Meet Maybelline’s eyebrow makeup. From thin and sparse to full and defined. From shapeless and uneven to shaped and perfected. From thick and messy to tamed and sculpted. Get the right tools to shape your arches of triumph. Mind the gap with Maybelline’s eyebrow pencil and sculpt to perfection with the brow gel. Don’t settle for any less than the precise eyebrow shapes you want.

Up your brow game! We have a bit of everything for everyone: from eyebrow tutorials for the novice to brow palettes for the pros. Frame your face with the perfect eyebrow pencil when you are on the go. Fill, shape, and polish your brows in just a few strokes. Enhance your look with flawless skin and a gorgeous glow.

How to Get Bold Eyebrows

Choosing the appropriate eyebrow shape for your face is the most important step to having flawless, bold eyebrows. Shaping your eyebrows is crucial, so if you're not too sure about what you're doing, consult with a professional. After getting them shaped, they will be easier to keep up every month.

Get full, bold, defined eyebrows with Maybelline's essential eyebrow makeup products and eyebrow makeup kits.

For perfectly defined, natural-looking eyebrows, a foolproof brow fill such as TATTOOSTUDIO™ BROW TINT PEN MAKEUP is especially designed for beginners, delivering hair-like strokes instantly with every brush.

Achieve fuller-looking brows that last for days with an infallible eyebrow gel like Maybelline's TATTOOSTUDIO™ WATERPROOF EYEBROW GEL. Made to last all day thanks to its smudge proof formula, this product will perfectly sculpt and fill in your eyebrows.

Use an eyebrow pencil such as BROW PRECISE® MICRO PENCIL to achieve a more precise brow by shaping and filling them with impeccable precision thanks to its ultra-fine tip. Create thin, hair-like lines with every stroke.

Want to get more tips for applying eyebrow makeup every day? Check out our special eyebrow makeup tutorials to get the perfect brows.
For a more complete brow look, use an eyebrow powder like Maybelline's BROW DRAMA® PRO PALETTE which will help you get the ultimate polished brow. Sculpt, fill, tint and highlight with one eyebrow product.

Finish sculpting your eyebrows with some concealer to correct any mistakes and to brighten your look and apply a coat of mascara to truly make your eyes pop.

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